Wood Privacy Fence Styles and Designs

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Remove Wood Posts Set In ConcreteWood privacy fences are a great addition to any property with outdoor space that you would like to make your own. They allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of the nice outdoors, without having to deal with noisy neighbors or obnoxious pets.

Having a private backyard has many benefits. It can make everyday activities more intimate and enjoyable. Having a family BBQ surrounded by a privacy fence gives your family a special piece of the outdoors to enjoy each other’s company and make good memories. Privacy fences can also make owning a pool more enjoyable. You and your family will be free to swim without worrying about prying eyes. You also won’t have to worry about neighborhood kids using your pool when you are away.

Not only are privacy fences good for keeping unwanted people (and attention) out, they can also help keep pets and small children in. Privacy fences are usually too high for pets to climb over and they don’t have gaps in them for pets to squeeze through. Having a privacy fence means that you can safely leave your dog in the backyard without worrying about the dog escaping or someone stealing it.

Things to Consider

Wood privacy fences come in many styles and designs. For every type of home, from classic to modern, there is a wood privacy fence to fit your needs. Not only can you pick the perfect design to fit your needs, you are also able to customize wood privacy fences with many different types of wood and color options.

Picking the right style for your home requires thinking about many different factors, in order to make the best choice. You should carefully consider the amount of privacy, the amount of security, the ease of installation, the ease of maintenance, and the associated cost of each style before settling on one specific idea.

Solid or Shadowbox

There are primarily two styles for privacy fences today: solid and shadowbox. It is important to select the correct fence style for your desired level of privacy, home style and property type.

Solid board fences allow for complete privacy. They are generally taller, most around six feet, for containment purposes. It’s important to keep in mind that while a solid fence will completely obstruct any views of your property, it will also completely obstruct your view of anything outside of your property.

Shadowbox fences give the illusion of being spaced, as the pickets alternate across the back and front of the fence. The fence looks the same on both sides to anyone passing by, and completely obstructs surrounding views, but has a softer appeal than a solid board fence. Most shadowbox fences offer less privacy than solid board fences, as people may be able to see through the fence when standing near the fence and looking along the fence line.

Fence Height

Once you’ve determined the purpose of your fence and your preferred style, it’s time to determine the height of your fence. Most fences today are somewhere between four and six feet tall. When considering which height is best for your fence, here are some things to think about:

  • How close your neighbors are
  • The height of surrounding buildings
  • Foliage around your property
  • The slope of your property
  • Aesthetic appeal

Then, you’ll want to determine how far apart you’d like each of the fence posts to be. Again, consider your neighbors. If you’re close enough for peering eyes, you may want to position your posts closer to one another. If you’re not too concerned about your neighbors, you may want to consider leaving a wider gap. Remember: the wider the gap, the more spacious (but less private) your yard will feel.

Vertical or Horizontal Panels

Vertical panels are the most common, traditional style of privacy fence around. They give your property a classic look and work great for suburban or more rural properties. Vertical privacy fences are also easier to install, maintain and repair. Because vertical privacy fences are the most common type of privacy fence, finding professional help is easier.

Horizontal panels give your property a sophisticated, modern feel. They are perfect for urban environments and properties that wish to stand out with a high-end feel. Horizontal privacy fences can be both solid or shadowbox style to exactly fit your needs.


There are many different accessories and options that you can choose from customize your fence. Here are a few worth considering:

  • Cut Post Tops – Post tops can be cut in a variety of different ways depending on your desired look.
  • Exposed Posts – A fence with exposed posts inserts the pickets between the posts, allowing the posts to be visible when viewing the fence from the outside.
  • Fascia Boards – A fascia board is a horizontal board placed in front of the fence to add aesthetic appeal and frame the front of the fence.
  • Lattice Top – A lattice top gives additional height to a privacy fence, while allowing some light to pass through.
  • Top Boards – A top board is a board that is placed on top of a privacy fence to give a more complete feel.